Our Team


  • Dr. Francesco Frontini, CEO, building engineer and architect. Senior research and teacher at SUPSI, Head of Building System Sector, formerly working at Fraunhofer ISE in Germany. He is appointed as CEO of the start-up and iWin project leader.
  • Dr. Ruben Roldan, CTO, physicist. Researcher at SUPSI for the photovoltaic team, formerly working at EMPA (Zurich). He is the technical director and responsible for manufacturing line development.
  • Paolo Corti, PM,  building engineer and architect. Junior Researcher at SUPSI for the BIPV team. He is the project manager and expert in architecture and facades.
  • Diego Porzio, CMO, building engineer and architect. Head of DPEngineering and Swiss Area Commercial Manager of Pellini. He is the director of the commercial area.


  • Dr. Roman Rudel, director of the institute ISAAC of SUPSI 
  • Alessandro Pellini, commercial director and owner of Pellini Group