03 November 2020, Economia Sostenibile ed Energie Rinnovabili

03.11.2020 Il Quotidiano – RSI (link online)

Today more than 5’000 photovoltaic systems are installed in Ticino, for approximately 90 MWp (covering approximately 3.1% of the electricity requirement) and in Switzerland about 100’000 systems for a power of approx. 2.5 GW (Gigawatt).

We are still far from the objectives of the 2050 energy strategy, more could be done and the potential is enormous. Only by considering the most exposed roofs and facades would it be possible to cover all of Switzerland’s annual electricity needs. iWin wants to actively contribute to this vision of a society fully powered by renewable energy. Paolo, our Product Manager, talked about it during the RSI service of November 3, 2020 for Il Quotidiano.

Swissolar has calculated that to compensate for the current produced by nuclear power plants and for the complete decarbonisation of our energy system by 2050 (including the heating and mobility sectors) we will need approximately 50 Gigawatts of photovoltaic installed power. That’s 20 times what we have today. An ambitious but realistic goal thanks to the integration of photovoltaics in building systems as we do in iWin, making the windows of our buildings active elements that produce electricity, while guaranteeing the best thermal and visual comfort.