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Today (28.05.2019) we are in Bern, join us at SUD 2019

The Startup DAYs are approaching and this year iWin has the possibility to challange other innovative Start-ups with the Pitching Battle

Be on stage with the SOAPBOX!!! You don't know what a SoapBox is?... check it here!

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16.05 iWin is in the TOP 80 start-up to attend MassChallenge Switzerland

iWin joins global network of startups:

Yesterday 16.05.2019, iWin was selected to participate in Switzerland’s 2019 accelerator program. iWin was one of over 900 other startups to apply for the accelerator located in Renens, Lausanne.

 Founded in 2016, MassChallenge Switzerland has quickly become a leading driver of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe by connecting startups with the experts and resources they need to grow. The selected startups will have unrivalled access to top corporate partners, world class mentoring from industry experts, tailored programming and teaching, and the chance to be rewarded with up to CHF 1M in zero-equity prize money, and several other in-kind prizes.

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Our Vision

iWin has emerged from the firm conviction that the building skin is at the forefront of the fight against climate change, global warming, the energy transition and the change in our way of living. A façade is no longer only a passive element ensuring waterproofing, insulation and ventilation, but also an active surface, able to produce renewable energy to reach the nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs) premises.

We patented an innovative window solution to integrate flexible thin film photovoltaic cells into venetian blinds that are enclosed inside an insulating window that ensures total protection against dirt, dust or weather conditions thus almost no maintenance is required. Our solution does not compromise the design and the operation of the windows and of the system.  

With iWin you can first protect your house from overheating in summer, reducing the energy bill and second it produces renewable electricity. 

 We strongly believe that, thanks to iWin, we can contribute to a more sustainable World and to nicer and more efficient buildings. 

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