innovative Window
for solar façades

iWin solution
The kit iWin is a photovoltaic venetian-blind shading device that is integrated inside an insulating window (double glazing unit).

iWin functions
iWin allows to combine in one single element different functionalities adding value to construction elements nowadays necessary: renewable energy production (useful for the building operation), light and solar radiation control (especially in summer), glare protection and superior aesthetics.

iWin advantages
The sealed environment of the glass-enclosed chamber (insulating window) ensures total protection against dirt, dust or weather conditions and almost no maintenance is required to the blinds.

Patented solution
iWin solution is based on our international patent pending methods for continuous production that integrates thin film photovoltaics solar cells on venetian blind inside a two glasses-enclosed chamber with an easy installation framing structure suitable to retrofit conventional insulated windows or to be installed in new Zero Energy Buildings.

Worldwide market
iWin is developed to be marketed worldwide, in particular where solar protection is needed to shield building from overheating during summer. The main target are multi-story and highly glazed buildings.

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