INPERSO Horizon Europe project award €7.9 million in funding


INPERSO is a holistic deep renovation programme addressing the building’s entire lifecycle and combining industrialisation and personalisation.

The project will deliver inclusive, affordable, efficient, and sustainable renovation technolgies, adaptable to various climate zones and building typologies, but focused on residential and heritage buildings.

The project partners will work towards integrating digital technologies into the Building and Construction European sector and towards mass deployment of renewable energy in different building surfaces. iWin will have the opportunity to further develop the innovative window integrated into a unique Renovation KIT and to demonstrate it in different real demonstrators in Spain, Netherlands, and Greece, forming energy communities and promoting sustainable energy use. Further goal will be to generate local and EU-wide impacts.


The main advantage of iWin with respect to alternative photovoltaic blinds laid in the integration into the insulated glass unit. It reduces the heat transmission to the indoor spaces and the glass panes seal and protect both the photovoltaic Venetian blind and the control system against dust, dirt and weather conditions, avoiding performance losses and guaranteeing its optimal performance during its lifetime. The integration into the building façade is respectful to existing buildings also with high historical value.


The Consortium consists of 8 research organisations, 8 SMEs, 2 large enterprises and 3 NPOs, privately investing about 5€Mio in the project.

Inperso Project

iWin – the sun keeps on rising!