Ruben Roldan Molinero guest of the Solar Butterfly and interviewed by Luis Palmer

June 2022 Ruben Roldan Molinero, iWin CEO, was invited by Solar Butterfly and interviewed by Luis Palmer


Last 12th June, Louis Palmer, during his stop in Medrisio at the SUPSI campus the initiator of the Solar Butterfly project and the first man ever to circumnavigate the world in a solar powered vehicle, invited Ruben Roldan Molinero to speak about iWin innovative windows solution.

Luis objective is to meet 1000 Climate Pioneers during the Solar Butterfy world tour and to present their genious ideas and projects.

Cllimate Change is a problem that concerns all of us. Everyone of us has a choice of either being part of the problem, or part of the solution. The whole world is full of solutions.  It’s crazy that we have money for all kinds of things on this planet, but the solutions to stop global warming simply don’t prevail. We want to give  attention to positive examples and raise awareness for all kind of solutions

We want to show that the world is full of solutions and these solutions are not just good for the environment, but they also help us to save money. We want to connect people – see the interviews with the people behind and reach out directly to them


A video was recorded in the SolarButterfly, a solar powered tiny home and video studio, in Ticino, on the Mendrisio event of the Climate Pioneer World Tour. Follow the climate tour to find out about other great innovations that contribute to stopping climate change.

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