16 November 2020, another important recognition for iWin: the Swiss Climate Foundation will support our project

16.11.2020 The Swiss Climate Foundation support SMEs innovation also in the cosntruciton sector.

Three projects in the construction sectors have been selected by the Swiss Climate foundation this year: iWin – Solar power from blinds, Oxara – concrete from clay  and FenX – insulating foam from ash.

The construction and operation of buildings is still responsible for a considerable proportion of CO2 emissions and energy consumption in Switzerland. Not only are most houses heated with oil or gas, but the production of concrete, the most commonly used building material, is also extremely CO2-intensive. “These are just two examples of how great the potential is for reducing CO2 emissions in the building sector. Alternative solutions in this sector are urgently needed if we want to achieve the climate targets”, says Vincent Eckert, Managing Director of the Swiss Climate Foundation. “It is a matter of great concern to us to promote such innovations more strongly”.

We would like to thank the Foundation and we look forward to the next steps in order to contribute to a more sustainable Planet!


The Swiss Climate Foundation is a voluntary initiative by business for business. Its corporate partnerships allow it to award one to three million Swiss francs in funding annually. The Foundation’s mission is to promote climate protection and strengthen Switzerland and Liechtenstein as business locations.

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